" There is a great culture at Xbite, and though the company is expanding in new directions it’s still clear that it has roots in gaming and technology with its vibrant open plan office which is a pleasure to work in. 

The atmosphere is relaxed but professional, people are encouraged to do their best and are actively rewarded for achieving their goals. 

With an active apprenticeship scheme there is always opportunity for more experienced team members to teach, which has a noticeable positive impact on the workforce where it is the norm to want to help others. 

Working as a professional software engineer vs. working on your own personal projects can often feel unrewarding and monotonous, leaving you feeling chained in by other people’s ideas, or a tool to be used for crafting someone else’s vision. At Xbite I have found a balance where I am able to do the technical work I enjoy, while also having opportunity to express myself, make my own mark on the products and pass on my knowledge to others while surrounded by like minded people."

James - IT 

"Working at Xbite has given me plenty of opportunities since joining and I am grateful to my management team for allowing me to flourish.

The culture within the office is very friendly and I was made to feel at home immediately, which is always helpful when starting in a new environment.

The IT systems that have been developed within Xbite are very good and the IT department are always at hand to assist with any alterations to enhance individual employees work performance.   

What impresses me most is the room for progression. In previous roles my future was never seen as important but it is quite the opposite at Xbite. I have been encouraged to complete courses and our monthly catch-ups as well as the bonus scheme are very beneficial." 

Cleo - Accounts

"When I first saw the advert for xbite I was immediately interested. The advertisement for the job jumped out at me due to 2 things, how the company was saying what it is particularly good at, and how much they like to take care of their staff. These were outlined in realistic examples as opposed to corporate statements. Where I have often found in previous places I have worked of this to be the case. 

Since joining I have found all the above to be true and my expectations met. Xbite is constantly trying to push the boundaries of what we do and how we do it. “We can always do it better” attitude is evident throughout the company. Team work and team development are big factors on site and openly encouraged. It is a very friendly atmosphere, everyone on site is aware of the tasks we need to get done but we have fun doing it.

Employees at all levels are listened to, as well as when it is warranted, they are rewarded. Again, this is a rarity in my experience in the modern day.

The IT systems are developed in house and therefore we can alter these to fit the processes we need moving forward. 

Xbite is not happy sitting still, it is constantly developing a structure and culture towards continued progression."

Lee - Warehouse 

"Working at Xbite has exceeded my expectations of what I thought it would be like. The culture and pace of the company is refreshing after being part of large corporates for all my working life.

 I have found all the team engaged and dedicated to the business, which is no easy task keeping 100+ employees motivated. The 1:1 and bonus system is lived and breathed every month and not something that is dusted off once a year, it is also great that it is based on individual performance so the employee's get rewarded for their actual effort and hard work.

The systems are designed to work for you and do the job, not just something you have to live and put with "You can make a change and yes it can happen today" without layers and layers of approval. Everything is considered to ensure it will make a process easier and more efficient and this is constantly being refined. 

There investment of both money and time in the business and along with caring for its people, I believe Xbite is truly unique."

Jeanine - Office 

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